High Achievement

Five Star Rating

Rated five stars by the Idaho State Department of Education, 2011-2012 & 2012-2013, while the rating system was in effect. This is the highest rating that can be achieved. To find out more about the rating system or where other schools placed check out the State Department's Website.

Advanced Opportunities

If your child tests advanced in any subject, you have the option for advanced courses and/or curriculum to adequately challenge your child. Keep your child focused and engaged while letting them grow to their full potential.

“Idaho Go On” school

I-DEA has been designated and awarded as on Official "Idaho Go On" school for our innovation and hard work towards getting students to go to the next level during and after high school. To find out more about the "Go On" program visit the Idaho Go On Website or watch "Credit Times Two" that explores the benefits and potential of Duel Credit courses.

Earn College Credit

Over 80% of I-DEA graduates earn college credit, some even graduate with their Associate’s Degree. Our award winning Dual Credit Program for high school students allows your child to take college courses while enrolled in I-DEA.

Quality Courses & Curriculum

Researched Based Curriculum

Quality, researched based curriculum ensures students meet Idaho Core and Content Standards. Match your child to the best curriculum that fits their learn style and needs.


Students are able to participate in a wide variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based activities and projects provided by Discover Technology. These projects cover bio-tech, video game programming, robotics, and electronics and circuitry.(Check with your local resource center for availability)

Advanced Computer Courses

I-DEA students have the opportunity to get Cisco Certification while in high school. Instruction for both IT Essentials and CCNA classes are delivered through our IEN system and taught by a Cisco Certified Instructor.

Course Delivery Options

We support a modern education system that offers Distance Learning in the comfort of your home, taking classes online, or participating in person through our IEN system. Give your child the best educational experience by letting them learn in an environment that compliments their learning style and needs.

Instructional Support

Get reimbursement for guided instruction or activities that align to your students learning plan. Guided instruction can be used to supplement daily instruction in Music, Art, or Physical Education. Activities can be used as enrichment opportunities, visit a historical museum or take in a musical performance, all while having your entrance fee reimbursed.



Students attend school from home allowing them to be comfortable in their environment. School days generally consist of 5-7 hours a day depending on grade level. Those hours can be completed any time throughout the day, so your child can learn at the times best suited for them.


An I-DEA teacher and parent work together in developing the student’s individualized learning plan. Courses and curriculum are then chosen that best fit the student’s learning style and needs.

Going Ahead.....

Whether it be an elementary student taking a middle school class all the way to a high school student taking college courses, get the curriculum and instruction needed to challenge and engage your child. Students not yet performing at grade level are provided tutoring services to get them back on track and even ahead!

Save Money On College Tuition

Qualifying students can receive tuition reimbursement for college courses taken while in high school. Take advantage of next level courses without the cost!

Social Opportunities

Virtual Field Trips

With use of our IEN system we are able to visit places all around the world. This provides us with a great opportunity to offer our students a wide variety of virtual field trips. Click Here to see all the places we have been.

Workshops and Clubs

Each of our three Resource Centers offer both workshops and clubs. Check out our regional pages to find each regions calendar of events to see whats coming up! Or contact your local Resource Center and ask about what workshops or clubs are being offered.

Community Outings

Our Community Coordinators put together activities, on-site field trips, and park days. Kids get to know one another and these are great opportunities for parents to connect and network with other parents in their area.

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Image Source:I-DEA
Image Source:I-DEA