Frequently Asked Questions

Happen to have some questions about our school? Here is a list of commonly asked questions that might answer the ones you have. If your question isn't on here, or it is and you would like to know more, feel free to Contact Us.

I-DEA is a free public charter school with no tuition or fees.

We expect all students to demonstrate a year's worth of academic growth each school year. Students who are performing below grade level need to make more than a year's growth to reach grade level expectations.

A variety of opportunities for socialization are available such as: field trips (face-to-face and virtual); music and theater performances; student clubs; arts and crafts activities; holiday celebrations; park days; etc.

Yes, if your child tests advanced in any subject, you have the option for advanced courses and/or curriculum to adequately challenge your child.

Since I-DEA does not provide these classes, you may obtain a qualified public instructor to instruct your child in art, music, or PE. Instructional support funds allow you to be reimbursed for these expenses.

I-DEA is accredited through AdvancED. As an accredited public charter school, your student's transcript will be accepted at colleges and universities.

Yes, a local venue will be obtained to hold a graduation ceremony complete with caps and gowns. Graduating seniors are able to create a display of their achievements, and are invited to participate in the ceremony with a performance, such as a musical number.

The academic calendar establishes the start date, end date, and holidays for the year. Attendance is marked in the online student management system. Notification must be given to your contact teacher if your student will have an extended absence longer than five consecutive school days.

Generally a school day consists of 5-7 hours, depending on your student's grade level. Online resources are available 24/7. Schooling hours can be completed early or later dependent upon the best learning time for your student.

If your family plans to do school work and has internet access on the trip, arrangements can be made with your contact teacher.

In order to meet Idaho Core and Content Standards, students need to be using I-DEA curriculum. Families are welcome to supplement with their own curriculum at their own expense.

Yes, I-DEA provides special services in the following areas: 504, English Language Learners, Gifted and Talented, and Title 1. Please see the section titled "Special Services" in the Parent Handbook for complete details.

These are the standards that all Idaho public school students are expected to master. Click the following links to review the standards: Idaho Content Standards, Common Core LA/English, Common Core Math.

Yes, Idaho Distance Education Academy is a public virtual charter school fully funded by the State of Idaho. We are chartered under the Whitepine School District #288.

While I-DEA is a virtual school with primarily an online structure, each course requires varying amounts of time online. Based on grade level and course options, the amount of time spent online vs offline varies.