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Through technology and partnership between parents and educators,

Our School

Technology in Education

Students at I-DEA have the opportunity to harness the most current online tools and technologies in education. Students access online lessons and interactive virtual field trips to places like NASA, museums, farms & more. The possibilities are endless; the world is our classroom.

Earn a Degree

Our award winning and unique Dual Credit Program gives your student the flexibility and funds to take college courses while enrolled in high school; often at no charge to you. On average, 20% of I-DEA graduates also earn an associate’s degree or professional technical certificate simultaneous with their high school diploma.

Advanced Programs

From taking robotics in elementary to getting your Cisco certification in high school, I-DEA offers a multitude of advanced curriculum that is sure to excite and challenge your child.


Students have access to online learning tools 24/7 and can tailor their daily schedule to best meet their needs. We offer a wide range of course options to meet each student’s interest and need.

Our Results

How Do We Compare?

Visit Our Results page to see how we compare statistically to state and national levels.

Student Profile: Ivy

This series highlights the experiences and perspective of current and past students.

Student Profile: Jimmy

This series highlights the experiences and perspective of current and past students.

Our Information

Watch this quick 2 minute video to get a ‘day in the life’ overview of how the school works for you and your students.
For a deeper look at the benefits and programs available for K-12 students, watch this 5 minute pre-recorded Information Session.
View our School Handbook for an in-depth look at specific details regarding all aspects of out school.